Mass payments

Take advantage of our batch import transfer request module, allowing users to execute cross border payments via CSV file import. A tool of convenience for users making frequent payments, and an absolute must for companies managing affiliate and b2c payouts. Benefit from our international liquidity networks in 40+ currencies and manage multicurrency payments through one platform without the need to open local accounts for your business.

C r e a t e a F r e e A c c o u n t
Mass payments

What can it do

alt avoid retrospective
Transparent pricing

Our system compares foreign exchange rates and finds the best spreads, for you to avoid retrospective pricing.

payments are
delivered safely
Automatic payment validation

We ensure that your payments are delivered safely to your recipient and that you prevent avoidable returns through our cutting-edge payment validation screening tool any errors and inaccuracies are alleviated.

10 or 100
alt Scale your
business freely
Scalable payment solution

Whether you are sending ten payments or one hundred, our cloud-based infrastructure gives you the freedom to scale your business in new markets.

alt local account
Maintain multiuser access

Ensure multilayer compliances principles are maintained through implementing the internal payment approval process.

alt 24/7 technical
Dedicated support managers

Get support through our iBanly customer service representatives, who are online 24/7, as is the iBanly community.

Fast payment
processing process
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Frictionless payment processing

Through automating the payment process, mass payments reduces the time spent on payment execution without the need to fill in tedious tax forms, onboarding new payees, and individual payment authorizations. Take advantage of our automated payment compliance and execution module.